All Higher Education Programs

All Higher Education Programs

At Klett World Languages, we believe in language programs that are diverse, inclusive and foster meaningful communication. It is our mission to bring individuals together, and to give all students the opportunity to communicate effectively and be connected with others. We work hard to create materials that follow the ACTFL Guidelines for Proficiency, include Can-Do statements, and incorporate the 5 C’s. Our digital resources focus on original and authentic content via a simple, user-friendly platform.

Our bestselling title

Défi francophone

Teaching and learning French with DÉFI FRANCOPHONE is an exciting cultural and personal experience, a way to open students’ minds to the diverse world of French-speaking people and cultures. With this innovative program, the French classroom becomes a space where students develop 21st‑century skills, such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

Other titles

Higher Education


DÉFI is an original, motivating, and very easy-to-use French textbook series aimed at A1-C1-level adolescents or adults. Anchored in the action-oriented approach, it awakens the curiosity of learners by placing culture as a fundamental element of language learning. 

Entre nous

ENTRE NOUS is a dynamic and successful method for teaching French to adults! It features a truly task-based approach, built on the completion of original and engaging final tasks.

Nouveau rond-point

NOUVEAU ROND-POINT is the textbook series that has revolutionized FLE teaching with the task-based approach!

Version originale

VERSION ORIGINALE is the method used by more than a million teachers and learners around the world. Discover the reference FLE method which puts the action-oriented approach within everyone's reach!

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Kathryn Miner

Dr. Kathryn Miner, French, German, and Italian Sales Manager, holds a Ph.D. in French from Emory University, where she taught French language courses for 7 years. She has also worked for the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, partnering with cultural institutions and Alliance Française chapters across the Southeast. At KWL, Kathryn enjoys helping educators find materials tailored to their specific program goals and needs.

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