All K-12 Programs

All K-12 Programs

At Klett World Languages, we believe in language programs that are diverse, inclusive and foster meaningful communication. It is our mission to bring individuals together, and to give all students the opportunity to communicate effectively and be connected with others. We work hard to create materials that follow the ACTFL Guidelines for Proficiency, include Can-Do statements, and incorporate the 5 C’s. Our digital resources focus on original and authentic content via a simple, user-friendly platform.

Our bestselling titles

KLASSE! takes a thoroughly communicative and action-oriented approach. A multitude of cooperative activities are designed to help students succeed and feel good about themselves on the difficult journey of learning a foreign language. Focusing on positivity and creativity, students using KLASSE! experience consistent progress.

Made in Germany for U.S. schools, PORTFOLIO DEUTSCH NEU actively involves students in their own learning. The guiding principles in PORTFOLIO DEUTSCH NEU are accessible, engaging material for students and new robust resources for teachers.

Grammar is embedded in context, and students learn to connect structures with meaning.

Other titles


This textbook series is aimed at elementary school students. Felix, Maja, Leo, and his dog lead students through the book with humor and help them discover the German language. Grammar is presented playfully with video clips, games, comics, songs and rap.

Hallo Anna neu

Elementary School

HALLO ANNA NEU is the new and updated textbook series for children (6+ years old) learning to read and write in their first language.

Middle and High School

WIR ALLE is the new textbook for young learners that covers levels A1 through B1 and is particularly relevant for classes that have limited contact hours each week. The digital materials create a fun way for students to learn and help teachers to change things up in the classroom.

Proficiency-based and thematically-structured with an emphasis on interpretive, interpersonal and presentational communication, ASPEKTE JUNIOR is our textbook for AP® German Language and Culture.

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