All Higher Education Programs

All Higher Education Programs

At Klett World Languages, we believe in diverse and inclusive language programs that foster meaningful communication. It is our mission to bring individuals together and to give all students the opportunity to communicate effectively and be connected with others. We work hard to create materials that follow the ACTFL Guidelines for Proficiency, include Can-Do statements, and incorporate the 5 Cs. Our digital resources focus on original and authentic content via a simple, user-friendly platform.

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DAVVERO is a student-centered program that offers a methodological approach anchored in action. The action-oriented approach is apparent in micro-tasks throughout the lesson cycle, which prepare learners for the final projects at the end of each chapter. As students complete task-based activities that are personally relevant, they will feel encouraged to take an active role in their own learning. Teaching and learning Italian with DAVVERO is a truly exciting cultural and personal experience.

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Al Dente

AL DENTE is a student-centered, project-based program with a strong lexical focus, designed to bring the most advanced communicative approach to the classroom. With AL DENTE, the Spanish classroom becomes a space where students develop 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. 

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Teresa Sabbioni

Dr. Maria Teresa Bonfatti Sabbioni, WL Sales Consultant is a native of Northern Italy. She holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a focus on second language acquisition and bilingualism. She worked Italian Government, promoting Italian writers in the US. At Klett WL, she is excited to combine her passion for language teaching and learning at the college level, with her experience in marketing.

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