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Case Studies

At Klett World Languages, we love to hear how language educators across North America are empowering their students through our collections! Below are several case studies from fellow educators about their experience with our textbook series.


Case Studies

Enhancing Meaningful Communication with REPORTEROS​​

This case study delves into the challenges faced by Diego Fernández, a Spanish teacher, as he sought to create a learning environment that fostered active participation, meaningful interactions, and a personal connection with the content.

From Disrupted Curriculum to Language Proficiency

In this case study, we delve into how Tatiana Alarcón, a teacher from Salem (NC), effectively utilized the REPORTEROS book series to address the challenges posed by the post-pandemic situation and varying proficiency levels.

MAPAS' 21st-Century Resources Boost Skills and Engagement

This case study focuses on Magnolia Inmon, a teacher from Fairfax County (VA) and highlights how MAPAS' innovative approach transformed her teaching, improved student engagement, and enhanced language learning outcomes.

Higher Education

Case Studies

Empowering Language Communication with AULA EN ACCIÓN

This case study focuses on the influence of AULA EN ACCIÓN, an innovative teaching resource developed by KWL, on the Spanish communication proficiency of Claudia Fernández's students.

Revitalizing Language Learning with DÉFI FRANCOPHONE​

This case study highlights the success story of Max Leconte, a French professor, who leveraged KWL's affordable and comprehensive French textbook to empower his students.

NETZWERK NEU, The Best Choice for German Students

This case study, led by Fatima Baig, aims to shed light on why NETZWERK NEU is the choice for German students under her guidance, as they strive for an effective learning experience.