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Programs for Children

At Klett World Languages Canada, we create diverse and inclusive language programs that foster meaningful communication

We strongly believe that educators play a key role in language learning, and that the course books they choose should support them and their students, both inside and outside of the classroom.

To do so, we work hard to create materials that engage and empower students to take an active role in their learning, and that help language teachers make the most of their precious classtime with students. 


CAP SUR… our three-volume French language program for children.


ALBA Y GAEL, our three-volume Spanish language program for children.


DIE DEUTSCHPROFIS, our three-volume German language program for children.

Research-based language education

Our textbooks for primary school age children blend different research-backed methodologies to create effective, unique, and engaging activities for our youngest learners. Our core principles for designing these collections are: 

An online platform made for you

Our online learning environments for primary school classrooms have been designed with both teachers and students in mind to maximize classroom accessibility and flexibility.

Online platform resources and capabilities include*:

  • Interactive version student textbooks & workbooks
  • eBook versions of Teacher’s Editions
  • Enriched eText with audio and videos
  • Grammar tutorials
  • Interactive activities & quizzes
  • Audios and their scripts
  • Videos and their scripts
  • Assessment tools and integrated systems

*Features per series and language may vary