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Online platforms

What is The Spanish Hub / My French Hub / My Italian Hub / Campus Difusión / Espace Virtuel?

In addition to print books, KWL Canada sells digital materials that grant users access to our content online. Sometimes these materials are branded as The Spanish Hub, My French Hub, My Italian Hub, Campus Difusión, or Espace Virtuel, and sometimes they are simply described as Online Textbooks or Online Workbooks.

How do I get access to KWL Canada’s digital materials?

Licences to access our digital materials can be bought individually on our website. Once a purchase is processed (as soon as the payment is accepted), you will receive an automated email with a licence code and instructions for its activation. Once activated, your licence will grant you access to a digital product for a period specified in the product’s name and description on our website. For many of our materials, you can buy licences for different periods: 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months (not all lengths are available for all titles). You will find licences of different durations listed as separate products on our website.

For many of our titles, you can purchase a licence as a part of a Blended Bundle or an Online Bundle. A Blended Bundle consists of a combination of digital and print materials. Once you place your order, your online licence code will be immediately sent via email and your book will arrive according to the shipping method you specify at checkout. An Online Bundle consists of two or more digital products. Once you place your order, you will receive two or more licence codes by email.

What is BlinkLearning?

BlinkLearning is a third-party platform we use to provide access to some of our digital materials, with the exception of those branded as Campus Difusión or Espace Virtuel. You do not need to purchase anything directly from BlinkLearning, as you can buy licences to access materials in BlinkLearning via our website. You will also typically not need to contact BlinkLearning directly, as KWL Canada's Technical Support will be happy to assist you with any questions.

How can I tell if my licence for digital materials is still valid?

If you have activated a digital licence in the past, check to see if all of the chapters are visible. If so, then your licence is still valid. If you can only see the free material at the beginning of the book (up to 3 chapters), you need to purchase a new Book Code.

Will I lose all my progress when I activate a new digital licence?

No. If your licence to a digital product expires, you can activate the new licence within your existing account and continue your program without losing any progress you made while your previous licence was in use.

Are digital licences included with physical books?

A digital licence is only included with a print book if both are sold together as a part of a Blended Bundle.

Can I buy a licence for digital materials at a bookstore?

This is only possible if the licence code is sold as a part of a Blended Bundle. Unlike Blended Bundles sold via ecommerce, Blended Bundles sold at bookstores have licence codes included on inserts or stickers placed within the print books.

Fully digital materials can only be purchased on our website.

How do I activate my digital licence?

To activate your licence, follow instructions included in the email or on the insert with your code. If you have further questions, see our Online Platforms Tutorials.

Can I return my digital licence for a refund?

No. All digital product sales are final.

I have already activated my digital licence, and I’d like to give it to a friend. Is this possible?

No. Online Book Codes are non-transferrable. They may only be activated once by one user.

I lost my digital licence code. Can I get a new one?

Licence codes only need to be activated once and may only be activated by one user. If you need your Book Code for account recovery purposes, please check your email. If you deleted your Book Code after it was emailed to you, contact our technical support.

The licence code in my Blended Bundle does not work. Can I get a new one?

If you bought a new book, you need to be sure you are logging into your account properly. If you cannot access your account, it's possible that you created your account with a typo in your username. Please contact our technical support, include your licence code, and we will reach out to you shortly.

If you bought a used book, then the digital licence has likely been activated already. You must select and purchase a single-use replacement licence on our website.

What is a Class Code and how do I get one?

A Class Code is a unique code for our BlinkLearning materials beginning with “CL-” that connects a student profile with a teacher profile. Your teacher must provide you with a Class Code. We recommend that you create your student user profile with your Class Code before you activate a license code.

How do I access my book? BlinkLearning states that I do not have a licence.

Each user of BlinkLearning must purchase and activate a licence code from KWL to see the book beyond the free content. If you purchase your licence from the KWL webstore, you will receive an email with your code. This licence code must be activated in your “Subjects” area in your BlinkLearning profile.

You must have an active licence code for each product assigned to your classroom. If you have properly activated a license code and are still experiencing troubles, check to see if there are additional books in your classroom that you need a licence for. 

Sometimes your teacher will accidentally assign additional books to your online classroom that are not required. If this is the case, and you cannot access your book, ask your teacher to remove the unnecessary books from your online classroom.

I have purchased a licence code, but I cannot log in.

At the login page, click on “Forgot your password?” to enter your email and reset your password. Check your SPAM messages if you do not see an email shortly. If you still do not receive an email, you may have entered your email/username incorrectly when you created your user profile. To access your account if you spelled your email incorrectly, you must contact [email protected] with the licence code that you purchased and an explanation of the problem, and they will send you your username and a reset password.

How long is my licence code valid?

Once activated, your licence will grant you access to a digital product for a period specified in the product’s name and description on our website. For many of our materials, you can buy licences for different periods: 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months (not all lengths are available for all titles). You will find licences of different durations listed as separate products on our website.

Can I trial or demo an online product?

Teachers may contact Klett World Languages for a free demo to any online product.

For students, many online products provide free access to select chapters. To utilize this free material, simply join your teacher's classroom using their Class Code. If you're a first-time user, use your teacher's Class Code to create an account. See the student activation tutorial for help. Students who are accepted into the classroom by their teacher will be able to view and engage with the classroom's assigned books. However, only students with activated licences (Book Codes) may access their homework assignments.

I lost a licence code purchased from a bookstore. Can you resend it or replace it?

Klett World Languages is unable to track and resend license codes purchased in preassembled bundles. We are also not responsible for misplaced or stolen license codes. If you purchased a pre-assembled bundle and, for any reason, lost possession of your license code, we will not be able replace it even if proof of purchase is provided.

Print materials and shipments

I have ordered a print book. When will I receive it?

We make every effort to ship all books within two business days from the moment the order is placed. During times of high order volume, it may take an extra day or two for the book to ship. Once shipped, your order will arrive within the timeframe specified at checkout.

For more information, click here.

What is MGTW?

Marquis is the fulfillment provider of Klett World Languages Canada. Our physical materials are stored in a warehouse managed by Marquis Georgetown Terminal Warehouses in Georgetown, Ontario.

How do I track my order for print materials?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email which will contain your tracking number. You can find out where your order is by visiting UPS, FedEx, CanadaPost, or CanPar, and entering your number.

I have placed an order but have not heard anything back.

If the order included print materials and it has been less than three business, we recommend you hang tight a little longer. If you have not heard back for over three business days, please contact our customer service, providing information about the date of the order, materials included, name under which the order was placed, and, if available, order reference number.

How do I return my purchased print book for a refund?

Print books purchased from Klett World Languages can typically be returned for a refund if certain conditions are met. To determine if your book qualifies, click here.